Macintyre Brook Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created using holistic and environmentally sustainable practices. Situated in Goondiwindi , Australia, and founded by Yigal Meron.

Full Bodied Olive Oil

Macintyre Brook Olive Grove is situated along the of banks the Macintyre Brook River, owned and operated by the Meron Family just outside the town of Inglewood in South East Queensland.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil receives all the added benefits that come with a holistic management approach to farming.

Utilising rotational grazing practices of cattle throughout the Olive trees, provide us with a richer soil diversity and a weed free environment, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Our family run farm practices a minimal impact to farmland and the surrounding environment approach, with the tranquil flowing waters of the Macintyre Brook river providing the stunning backdrop and perfect balance, from grove to river wet lands.

Our fresh tasting Oil is a reflection of the clean and natural environment our Olives are grown in.

Macintyre Brook Range


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive posses’ a subtle smooth flavour that is followed by a hint of spice and earthy flavours that is perfect for pasta, salads and dipping bread.



This gorgeous, messy tree provides a sharp flavour to its olives that brings depth to light meals. It holds a light olive flavour that compliment all your favourite foods.



A stunning, smooth flavour that can be almost sweet. Featuring mild aromatic after tones, this oil is perfect for barbequing, pan frying and vegetables.



A larger, dark olive which has a subtle sharp flavour with spice and zest that stays on your palate. Sensational with a dipping bread or salad.

All products come with the option of being filtered or unfiltered and are available in 250ml & 500ml bottles, or 1L, 3L, 5L OR 20L tin.

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Bonni Foi Farm

Holistically farmed and locally made.

Bonni Foi farm is located in Border Rivers Region of Queensland, Australia, approximately 270km West of Brisbane. The family run business utilises holistic farming and water usage techniques to manage the land, leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. The water used comes from the local Macintyre Brook catchment, and agricultural stock is rotated through the farm land to avoid wearing and to promote the soil biodiversity.

The olives are harvested on the farm by the Meron family and workers, then carted to a local processing plant for cold pressing. The entire process is locally orchestrated, using local people and local resources.

Bonnie Foi farm is also the home to cattle and horticulture crops including pumpkins, grain crops, barley and oats.


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